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Canada PM promises Israel to keep Iran sanctions

Despite the historic nuclear deal between Iran and world powers going into effect, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his government does not aim to ease Iran sanctions.

“We truly hope that it is possible to walk the Iranian government back from taking the irreversible step of manufacturing nuclear weapons … But for now, Canada’s own sanctions will remain fully in place,” said Harper who was addressing the Israeli Knesset on Monday.

The Canadian premier reiterated his anti-Iran comments and threatened to enforce more sanctions if Tehran continues his nuclear program.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the remarks in his first official visit to Israel, as Ottawa considers itself one of Israel’s staunchest allies.

Harper arrived in Israel on Sunday and was greeted by his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu who hailed him as a “great friend” of Israel and himself.

Tehran voluntarily suspended its 20 percent uranium enrichment program on Monday as part of a deal between Iran and the Sextet in the Swiss city of Geneva last November. Iran strongly denies the western powers accusation that it seeks manufacturing nuclear weapons.

The European Union and the United States also partially suspended sanctions against Iran in accordance with the Geneva nuclear deal.

The Canadian premier’s hostile remarks about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program come shortly after the U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki described Iran’s steps in fulfilling its commitments under the Geneva deal as “concrete and verifiable”, hailing the development as “an unprecedented opportunity” to allay the West’s concerns vis-à-vis Tehran’s nuclear energy program.

The Israeli regime has publicly announced its opposition to Geneva deal.

By Press TV


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