Iran, Sextet can reach agreements despite low level of trust – Iranian foreign minister

Iran and the Sextet can reach final agreements on the Iranian nuclear program despite the persisting elements of mistrust between the parties, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said, the Voice of Russia correspondent Ksenya Melnikova reports.

“We believe that that final agreements can still be achieved despite the low level of trust between the parties,” the Iranian minister told a press conference following negotiations with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“Bearing in mind that our nuclear program is peaceful, the settlement of the situation with it is absolutely feasible,” Zarif said.

The Iranian minister said Iran “is ready to take practical steps in accordance with the existing agreement [between the Sextet and Iran].”

The Iranian minister reiterated that “all parties should respect this agreement on the nuclear program and should not try to interpret it in any other way.”

Zarif also said that it is very important to Iran that the Iranian nuclear program issue should be resolved with Russia’s assistance and that progress should be achieved.

“In this regard, we intend to work closely with Russia,” he said.

By The Voice of Russia


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