Prominent composer welcomes presidentˈs speech on revival of music, arts

Tehran, Jan 13, IRNA — Loris Cheknavarian, Iranian-born Armenian composer and conductor, says President Hassan Rouhani in his recent speech to artists showed that he is quite aware of the importance of arts and its role in society.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with IRNA, Cheknavarian said, ˈI am highly impressed by the personality of the president. His speech on arts and role of artists in society was impressive, indicating that he cares for arts and is concerned about related subjects.ˈ

He went on to say, ˈI am so pleased that the president believes in arts and its positive impact on the progress of the society. This will double artistsˈ motivation for increasing their activities in various artistic domains, especially music.ˈ

Noting that the presidentˈs speech revived hope in his heart, Cheknavarian said, ˈDr. Rouhani proposed a number of strategies to help officials in charge of arts make music flourish as soon as possible.ˈ

Saying that the presidentˈs recommendations to artists would open a bright horizon to music, Cheknavarian said the Tehran Symphonic Orchestra will be renovated.

Cheknavarian said the dismantling of the Tehran Symphonic Orchestra in early 2013 dealt a heavy blow to music because there was no longer any orchestra to perform works of artists.

The composer of the Great Prophet Symphony said once Tehran Symphony Orchestra becomes operational, the countryˈs classic music will be revived.

ˈI hope translation of the presidentˈs speech into action would remove shortcomings in the field of music and artists will be able to guarantee progress of this ancient arts through their hard endeavors,ˈ said Cheknavarian.



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