Logic, mutual respect foiled ill-wishers’ deception in nuclear talks: Nahavandian

Tehran, Jan 11, IRNA—Presidential Office chief of staff Mohammad Nahavandian said on Saturday that logical approach and mutual respect in nuclear negotiations neutralized ill-wishers’ deception.

Addressing the 11th International Conference on Management, he said that ill-wishers have earlier misportrayed image of Iran, stirring threat and aggression.

Commenting on the sanctions on Iran, he noted that the enemies have hatched plots against Iran to stop its progress and they used the national nuclear program as an excuse to ramp up pressure on Iran.

He said that the nuclear deal struck on November 24 served as a step to prove clean health of Iranian nuclear program and its legitimate right to produce nuclear energy.

He said that the nuclear deal envisaged to be implemented step by step so that the two parties will reciprocate one step being taken by the other, so, it will take time



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