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German daily slams US for not inviting Iran to Syria talks

Berlin, Jan 11, IRNA — The Berlin-based newspaper Neues Deutschland on Saturday lambasted the US for not Iran inviting to the Syria conference, scheduled for January 22 in the Swiss city of Montreux.

The paper said Iranˈs non-invitation was simply ˈunacceptable.ˈ

It lashed out at the US for not being able to have ˈbusinesslike ties with Iran.ˈ

Pointing out the Syria meeting was in fact an ˈoverdue and urgently needed crisis conference,ˈ the daily reiterated

ignoring Iran was ˈextremely illogical,ˈ especially since Washington had repeatedly accused Tehran of meddling in Syriaˈs domestic affairs.

Washington is reportedly blocking Iran’s participation in the so-called Geneva II conference amid objections by Russia and several other key allies of the US, among them Germany and Turkey.



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