Deputy DM underscores Iranˈs armed forces full readiness

Tehran, Jan 11, IRNA – Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami underlined Iranian Armed Forces preparedness to confront the enemies with full force.

ˈWe forcefully announced today that we will confront any enemy with all power and with reliance on Almighty God we will be winner of all battlefields,ˈ Brigadier General Hatami said.

He underlined that the enemies are after creating disappointment and despair among people; hence, those who are familiar with the Holy Qurˈan will never be disappointed and they will continue their work forcefully.

Brigadier General Hatami pointed to the enemyˈs massive investment in cultural onslaught, and said, ˈThe enemy has carried out unprecedented investment on the youth; therefore, for neutralizing the enemiesˈ plots the Qurˈanic culture should be promoted among the youth.ˈ



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