‘Saudi foreign policy faces constant failures’

A political commentator has said that the policies adopted by authorities in Saudi Arabia are leading the kingdom’s foreign affairs into failure.

“Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy is experiencing a string of defeats on a daily basis,” Fuad Ibrahim stated in a recent article published in the media.

Saudi spy chief Bandar bin Sultan has pushed the country toward a political downfall, the analyst said.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry is unaware of what goals it should pursue, and if there are any goals, they are wrong under current circumstances, Ibrahim said.

The political commentator also stated that Saudi Arabia has gone to great expenses to establish relations with different countries, but Riyadh’s wrong speculations about the future have ruined those ties.

He added that Saudi Arabia has lost its relation with many countries due to the policies it has adopted regarding the issue of Syria.

The Saudi government has been a major supplier of weapons and funds to the foreign-backed militant groups operating against the Syrian government in the country.

By Press TV


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