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Official: West’s unfriendly stances harming relations with Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani, in a meeting in Tehran on Wednesday with Vice-Chairman of the Christian Parties Fraction in German Bundestag (Parliament) Andreas Schokenhoff, underlined that the western countries’ performance has made Iran lose trust in friendly relations with them.

“The unfriendly and unjustifiable stances that we have seen from some western sides, unfortunately sometimes from the German government, has impaired our trust in these relations; therefore we should gradually reconstruct this trust,” Larijani said.

He pointed to Schokenhoff’s recent statements that the issue of human rights is of much sensitivity to Europe and Germany, and said, “We generally do not trust the allegations made by the western countries and governments on the importance of the issue of human rights because their words and action run counter to each other.”

Schokenhoff, for his part, welcomed the diplomacy of the new Iranian government on expansion of ties with the world countries, and said, “We not only welcome enhancement of Iran-Germany ties, but we welcome and support (such expansion of relations) with entire Europe; we are not satisfied with the current level of the relations.”

The German lawmaker said that during his visit to Iran he is pursuing expansion of ties between Iran and Europe, specially Germany, in political, economic and human rights fields.

Last month, the secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council, in a meeting in Tehran with Head of the European parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iran Tarja Cronberg, underlined that the western countries deliberately ignore Iran’s democratic system which is based on Islamic rationality.

“Dialogue with Iran will be constructive when the western side pays due attention to merits and features of our democratic system which is based on Islamic rationalism,” Larijani said.

He reiterated the Iran as the “biggest and the only democracy in the Middle East” is facing the harshest inhuman sanctions and various kinds of accusations, but other countries (of the Middle East) where the smallest sign of democracy cannot be seen, are enjoying the best political and economic relations with the West and this is while the westerners, specially the US allege to be the biggest advocates of democracy.

Cronberg, for her part, hailed Iran’s strenuous efforts in its fight against drug trafficking, and said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is in the frontline of combat against drug trafficking.”

In November, the secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council underlined that the West’s unacceptable behavior towards Iran is a clear indication of its violation of human rights.

“The western countries claim that human rights has a special place in their domestic and foreign policy, but in practice their behavior is in such a way that it shows this claim has no authenticity,” Larijani said in a meeting with the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s Consular director general and his accompanying delegation in Tehran.

Larijani pointed to the West’s behavior towards Iran in the past and present, and said, “No one can deny that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the biggest and the only democracy in the Middle East, but you see how the westerners, specially the US, who consider themselves as supporters of human rights and advocates of the promotion of democracy treat Iran that is the hub of democracy in the region and they want to put our nation under the harshest pressures with different kinds of sanctions and discriminations.”

He further warned the West against sheltering terrorist groups, cautioning that unfortunately some European capitals have turned into heavens of terrorists.

By Fars News Agency


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