Iran’s environmental plans outlined

Zistboom: An environmental bill on wetland preservation in Iran will be submitted to the parliament for ratification, the head of the Department of Environment (DoE) said.

Massoumeh Ebtekar, who attended a summit on Asian cheetahs this week, also pointed to the destruction of Aras Forests for a road construction project and hoped such destructive events would not happen again, Fars News Agency reported.

“Large areas of Aras Forests in North Khorasan province have been destroyed for the construction of Bafq Road,” she said, adding that it was too late to stop the construction works because the largest part of the project had been finished and only a small portion remained.
Ebtekar, who is also a vice president, also said it has been decided to complete the project in collaboration with the police chief and under the supervision of environmentalists to reduce further environmental damage.

“We hope such events will not recur as they inflict irreparable damage on the country’s environment,” she said.
Ebtekar said shortage of environment rangers in cheetah’s habitats is a barrier to improving the condition of this endangered species.
“DoE plans to increase the number of environment rangers in protected zones,” she said, adding that they will be supported by the department.
Ebtekar hailed the symbolic action of an Iranian football player, Andranik Teymourian, who saved a butterfly during a football match and said all people should make efforts to save the environment.

“We need to make all-out efforts to save the environment,” she said, adding that economic and political figures should collaborate in this regard.
Ebtekar criticized illegal hunting and said it is harmful to the environment.

She said educating hunters about the negative impacts of illegal hunting will help reduce such actions.
The DoE chief said the National Environment Fund has been launched to collect money for environmental projects.
“Environment lovers and environmentalists can make donations for environmental purposes,” she said, adding that the money will be used for improving the conditions of endangered species in the country.

Ebtekar said the bill supporting wetland conditions has been submitted to the parliament, following the drying up of some wetlands.
“A number of wetlands, including Hurol-Azim, Bakhtegan, Moghan and Hamoun, are at risk of drying up,” she said, blaming it on mismanagement and lack of rainfall.
Ebtekar said wetlands play an important role in improving the environment such as feeding the aqueducts, controlling floods and improving the livelihood of residents.
“Wetlands are home to a number of species, the lack of which will harm ecosystems,” she said.

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