Former UK foreign secretary says anctions on Iran a mistake

Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

Tehran, Jan 9, IRNA – Co-head of Iran-Britain Parliamentary Friendship Group Jack Straw said on Thursday that sanctions on Iran is a false move, calling for efforts to be made to lift them.

Speaking to a group of children of martyrs and victims of terror attacks in Iran, Straw said that imposing sanctions on Iran was a mistaken measure from the beginning. ˈThey should be lifted.ˈ

Expressing optimism over improved relations between Iran and the European governments, he said that the British government and parliament condemn terrorism in all its forms.

ˈBritain has already denounced assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists,ˈ he said.

Meanwhile, Ben Wallace, a conservative MP accompanying Jack Straw, said that the name of MKO will likely be returned to the list of terrorist groups.

Addressing the same event, director of Habiliyan Institute described Iran as the biggest victim of terrorism in the world, saying that the UN documents reveal that 12,000 of Iranian officials and ordinary people have been killed by the terrorist group MKO.

Meanwhile, a number of the martyrsˈ families denounced the Western governments for double-standard policies vis-à-vis the evil phenomenon of terrorism.

They made it clear that terrorism is a threat to all the nationsˈ peace and progress anywhere and any time.



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