Without altering current trends, Iran’s environment at great risk

Zistboom: Dr. Masoumeh Ebtekar, Head of Iranian Department of Environment (DoE) had a Q&A meetingwith graduate and postgraduate students of the University of Environment in Karaj City of Iran.

At the beginning of this gathering a historical video of the previous visit of Dr. Ebtekar to the College of Environment which was the antecedent of the UoE, happened in May 2002 during her tenure as the Head of Iran’s DoE in President Khatami’s reformist administration.

Representatives of the student unions of the UoE such as students’ council, scientific council and cultural council, briefed the Vice President Ebtekar on the University’s challenges and opportunities, they  made several request for enhancing their academic performance and also engagement in the activities under the DOE authority.

Then, Dr. Ebtekar delivered her remarks and expressed her optimism that the change President Rouhani pledged since the beginning of his presidential campaign and majority of the Iranian citizens have supported would  lead to a change of public perception towards the environment and natural resources.

Head of Board of Trustees of the University reminding the recent presidential election as a potent symbol of democracy in Iran hoped that this would bring about a lively, free and flourishing ambience in all Iranian Universities, including the University of Environment.

Ebtekar noted that student’s expectations could be met by hard work and perseverance and pledged strengthening the research and scientific cooperation between DoE and UoE. She also emphasized that graduates of the UoE would be prioritized in recruitments of the Department of Environment.

Moreover, referring to some of the environmental crisis in Iran stated that Iran’s international rank in the field of environment has dropped a significantly during the last decade and if the current conditions and trends persist in the near future Iran will lose most of its natural resources. She described current trends in resource exploitation and damage to the environment as an indicator of public and government’s inadvertence to this issue and reaffirming the importance of harmonizing the relations between different authorities and decision makers including the Government and the Parliament, described environmental issues as a priority one for President Rouhani’s administration.

Reminding some harmful habits in Iranian’s life style, Ebtekar pled for a dramatic change in public perception of environment and natural resources.

Thereafter, Dr. Asghar Mohammadi Fazel, Chancellor of the UoE addressing the meeting, thanked Dr. Ebtekar that despite her very tight schedule accepted the invitation to the University of Environment. Reiterating some of the challenges of the UoE and Iran’s Environment Fazel expressed his high hopes that Dr. Ebtekar and current governing team at the DoE are capable of making great improvements in the current situations and hoped that great advances would happen in near future.

Chancellor of the UoE also reaffirmed the complete readiness of this University as the academic arm of DoE for assisting this organization in addressing Iran’s environmental issues. He concluded that students of this university can play an active role in capacity building and raising public awareness about nature conservation and green lifestyles.

At the end of his speech, Fazel invited Dr. Ebtekar to have a meeting with the faculty and staffs of the University of Environment in near future in order to further discuss the mutual cooperation in detail.

By Zistboom 


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