Iran to exhibit space monkeys

TEHRAN, Jan. 8 (MNA) – The head of Aeronautics Systems Research Center of Iran’s Aerospace Agency has said the general health of space monkeys is satisfactory.

Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi told Mehr News that ‘Fargam’ was leading normal living conditions. “In recent 3 weeks since it returned earth, the monkey has experienced no unusual physical conditions, and no health checkups would be needed at least in next 6 months,” he added.

“‘Fargam’ is now living a normal life. We have in the agenda opening an exhibition of our space monkeys with the intention being the promotion of aerospace science among kids and students, which would be operational after preliminary examinations of design and budget issues,” said he, and that “the exhibition would provide public access to the monkeys which undergo testing in the Aeronautics Systems Research Center and monkeys travelled to space as well.”

“The project is in its initial stages and if the project is not realized, monkeys will be transferred to a public center for animal rearing,” Ebrahimi said.

Iran launched the second life package carrying a rhesus monkey to space to 120Km suborbital space. The package returned to earth after 15 minutes, keeping the animal alive.

By Mehr News Agency 


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