Iran Daily: A meeting with Syria’s Assad regime

High-level Iranian officials, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, hosted a delegation from Syria in Tehran on Tuesday.

The meeting with the Syrians, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Feisal Mikdad, comes amid political maneuvres for the proposed international “peace” conference in Switzerland on January 22.

It is unlikely that any conference will be significant, given the unwillingness of Syria’s main opposition and insurgency are unlikely to attend without a promise that President Assad will step down from power. However, both Damascus and Tehran are eager to grab diplomatic advantage by showing their willingness for a resolution.

In addition, Iran is trying to work around the US veto on its presence at the conference.

Syrian State news agency SANA said the discussion in Tehran agreed “the priority of the upcoming international Geneva 2 conference on Syria should be combating terrorism and halting financial support and arms supplies to the takfiri terrorist groups through pressuring the countries backing these groups”.

It said Mikdad and Zarif “warned of the danger posed by the terrorist acts committed by the terrorist groups in Syria to the region’s security and stability”.

“The solution to the situation in Syria is a political solution through dialogue among the Syrians themselves without any interference in Syrian affairs,” said Zarif, according to SANA.

Iranian media featured Zarif’s declaration, “[This is] a great test that will decide the fate of the whole region’s stability and security. The confrontation with the wave of terrorism and extremism requires the cooperation of all countries.”

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