Gas withdrawal from Serajeh hits 7 mcm/d

TEHRAN Jan 05 (Shana): Gas withdrawal from Serajeh underground gas storage facility, near Qom, has hit the unprecedented level of 7 billion cubic meters per day.

Managing director of Natural Gas Storage Company (NGSC) , Samivand, make the remarks adding more than 7 mcm of gas per day are being withdrawn from the facility which is injected to IGAT after dehydration in order to meet residential and industrial sectors’ gas needs. 

He said establishment of gas storage facilities was a new initiative in Iran’s oil industry which guarantees better gas services to people.

Cold snap has raised Iran’s daily natural gas consumption to 600 mcm/d. Cold weather has raised residential and commercial sectors’ natural gas consumption to 460 mcm/d having forced NIGC to slash the volume of gas delivery to power plants to 15 mcm/d.

NIGC has also restricted gas supply to petrochemical plants due to rising gas consumption by other sectors and has cut gas delivery to cement industry which in turn has been forced to replace burning natural gas by liquid fuel.

In spite of cold air, gas supply is underway normally across the country as NIGC has requested subscribers to reduce gas consumption in a bid to leave behind the season of peak natural gas consumption normally. 


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