84% growth in export trades of Iran mercantile exchange

Nasim– During first 9 months of the Iranian calendar year of 1392 beginning from March 20, 2013, the export trading floor of Iran Mercandise Exchange in Kish Island marked 84% growth in volume and 38% rise in transaction value with 4.27 million MT of exporting commodities traded in value of 1.4 billion USD.

Within the stated period around 17.7 million tons of commodities were traded with 309000 billion IRR in value which shows 19 and 60 percent increase in volume and value respectively compared with the same period last year.

During this period the industrial trading floor of IME traded 9.8 million tons of commodities worth of 161 thousand billion IRR in both domestic and export markets which has increased 12 and 30 percent in terms of volume and value.

During the mentioned period,  7.1 million tons of steel products, 2.2 million metric tons of iron ore, 0.316 million tons of copper, 0.142 million tons of aluminum, 50 thousand MT of metallurgical coke and around 5000 tons of other metals and 27 kg of gold bullion were traded in IME.

In the petrochemical trading floor of IME,  near  7.7 million tons of petroleum base and petrochemical products were traded  in domestic and export market of IME with the value of trades exceeding 147000 billion IRR touching 32 and 115 percent increase in terms of volume and value respectively in comparison to the previous period last year.

In this trading floor the composition of trades include 3 million MT of bitumen, 1.7 polymeric products, 1.3 million MT of Vacuum Bottom which is precursor to bitumen production, 0.9 million MT of chemical products and 0.5 MT of Lubcut  as the base material for lubricating oil by the customers. Around 153000 MT of Sulfur, 12400 metric tons of gas and gas-like feed stocks and over 2500 tons of lubricating oil were also traded during the same period.

Though not comparable in terms of volume to other sections, the agriculture market of the exchange traded different products, with 136000 MT of wheat, barley, corn, sugar, soya beans and meals worth over 1254 billion IRR.

By Nasim Online

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