Saudi Arabia; a major hurdle against Geneva II

A general view of the besieged area of Homs

TEHRAN, Jan. 5 (MNA) – In an interview with Mehr News, professor of political sciences in Damascus University has said Saudi Arabia is a major hurdle against Geneva II talks.

Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah, political sciences professor in Damascus University, told Mehr News correspondent Somayyeh Baqi that Geneva II talks would bring a solution for Syrian crisis,

adds that “Saudis are not interested in Geneva talk’s success and fruitfulness so we do not invest much hope in Geneva II talks.”

He expressed hope however that Geneva II talks would stop violence in Syria and cuts West and Arab states’ military helps to the rebels.

Abu Abdullah added that terrorists from 83 countries of all around the world are fighting in Syria. “Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are entrenched against Syria, with the US as mastermind.

There are many plots by the Persian Gulf Arab countries against Syria but the Syrian martyrs’ bloods and Syrian people’s resistance spoil all the plots,” he asserted.
“Had Syria been defeated in the crisis, the whole region would have been disintegrated, providing the US with its New Middle East project done.”

Abu Abdullah believed that all Syrian Army’s operations against terrorists as important, but assessed some such as Qalamoun battles as strategic.

“Syria’s future will be decided by the Syrians themselves just the same as that in the past; neither of the pro-Geneva or non-Geneva talks politicians will play a role or decide instead of Syrians,” he said.

Asked about the 2014 elections in Syria, he told that stopping violence in Syria and later the Syrian refugees returning back to their homes was a prelude to any elections; only after that one would talk of democracy. As long as there were terrorist attacks in Syrian, talking about elections was of no practical use.

About Iran’s role in resolution of Syrian crisis, Abdullah believed that Iran had proved that it was not only an important country in the region but also it was the axis of resistance between Hezbollah and Syria, a continuation of China and Russia. “Iran is the main player in the region, speaking out Syrians’ wills,” he lavished praised upon Iran.

“Iran has been trying to solve Syrian crisis through political ways since the very beginning, while many other countries have not.”

By Mehr News Agency 


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