Jack Straw blames hawkish Bush cronies for 2006 demotion

Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

Britain’s former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has suggested that he may have been sacked by former Prime Minister Tony Blair following pressure from former US President George W. Bush’s hawkish cronies.

Straw, who was the UK’s foreign secretary at the time of the Iraq war in 2003, was demoted by Blair to Leader of the Commons in 2006.

In his interview with Total Politics, Straw said hawkish “neo-cons” who surrounded the former US president may have had a hand in his removal after he upset the White House by insisting that it was “inconceivable” that the UK would support military action in Iran.

The veteran Labour MP also revealed that key Bush allies “were never terribly keen on me.”

He also explained how Blair felt disconcerted when Straw dismissed as “nuts” the prospect of a nuclear strike on Iran, an option that Bush subsequently refused to remove from the table.

“As events have proved, we haven’t been involved in military action in Iran – it’s inconceivable now: there’s no way a British House of Commons would approve any kind of military action in Iran – and a nuclear strike remains nuts,” he added.

Straw, who is stepping down as an MP at the next election, will lead a parliamentary delegation to Tehran next week in what he has termed a “welcome sign” of Britain’s improved relations with Iran.

The former UK Labour foreign secretary is scheduled to visit Iran along with Britain’s former Conservative Chancellor Lord Lamont and two backbench MPs.

The three-day official visit will be the first by a delegation of British politicians since 2008.

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