West objectifying human rights: Iran MPs

Iranian lawmakers say that the issue of human rights has become a tool in the hands of the West to exert pressure on other countries after the UN General Assembly approved an anti-Iran resolution, Press TV reports.

On December 18, the General Assembly voted to adopt the resolution against Iran with 86 votes in favor, 36 against and 61 abstentions. The Canadian-drafted resolution expresses concern over alleged human rights violations in Iran.

On Sunday, Iranian legislators said the move did not aim in any way to enhance human rights conditions.

“Some countries just use human rights as a beautiful slogan but they are against human rights themselves. Human rights is a good thing if there is no double standard. Are countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel and the United States really committed to human rights? Of course they are not,” Iranian lawmaker Abdolreza Azizi said.

Another lawmaker, Mirhadi Romyani, stated that the abstention votes shows that certain countries, which are against Iran, are using human rights as a political tool to exert pressure in order to achieve their own objectives.

“The United States has created jails outside of its soil and it tortures people there. It has created Guantanamo. These are clearly against human rights but the resolution is against Iran. Their decision was not based on reliable and logical data,” Romyani said.

The Canadian-drafted resolution against Iran comes as the Ottawa government has been under criticism for violating the rights of the country’s indigenous people.

Iran is a signatory of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

By Press TV


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