West fueling unrest in Turkey: Iranian MP

Turkish people protest alleged corruption in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul, December 25, 2013.

An Iranian lawmaker says Western countries are making mischief to fuel unrest in Turkey as they benefit from conflicts in Muslim nations.

“The footprints of the US, Britain and the Zionist regime (Israel) can always be found in conflicts in Muslim countries,” Mo’ayed Hosseini Sadr, the head of the Iran-Turkey Parliamentary Friendship Group, said on Sunday.

“We should remember that the US has proved in the past that it is not happy with the progress of any country, particularly a Muslim one,” the Iranian lawmaker noted.

Iran-Turkey Parliamentary Friendship Group led by Hosseini Sadr recently visited Ankara at the invitation of Osman Askin Bak, the Turkish head of the friendship group.

During their four-day visit in Turkey, the Iranian delegates held meetings with Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Turkish Parliament Vulcan Bozakir and Turkish Minister of Economy Mehmet Zafer Caglayan.

“As a Muslim country, we are pleased with Turkey’s progress. But the US, Britain and the Zionist regime have never been happy with Turkey’s progress and are trying to create major problems for them by complicating issues as in the financial corruption case,” Hosseini Sadr added.

“Such mischief has affected and will continue to affect the value of the Turkish currency,” Hosseini Sadr said.

On Friday, hundreds of anti-government protesters took to the streets in Ankara and Istanbul, calling on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to step down. Police forces used water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters.

The crisis erupted on December 17, after dozens of government officials and prominent businessmen close to Erdogan were arrested on graft charges.

On December 25, Erdogan announced a major cabinet reshuffle, replacing 10 ministers including the economy, interior, and environment ministers, who resigned from their posts after their sons were arrested in the scandal.

By Press TV


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