Illegal industries worsen air pollution in Tehran

Zistboom: Illegal operations of a large number of industrial units in Tehran have increased the city’s air pollution, said a member of the Board of Directors of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

Reza Hosseini added that organizing industrial guilds and units should be placed on the agenda of Tehran’s City Council, municipality and government, stressing that the objective will be achieved in cooperation with related organizations, Mehr News Agency reported.

He noted that since the activities of industrialists in the city of Tehran are directly related to the municipality, Tehran’s chamber will cooperate with the municipality to organize them.

“We are determined to establish a joint commission with the Tehran Municipality and Tehran City Council to resolve the problem,” he said.

Hosseini also said a large number of industrial units, including those involved in goldsmithing, cladding and producing chemical materials have significantly contributed to air pollution that threatens public health.

He noted that the cooperation of industrialists and manufacturers with Tehran Municipality will help reduce air pollution.

“The construction of special townships for various guilds and service providers will significantly help cut air pollution, ease people’s access to the units and reduce traffic jams,” he said.

The official said the use of modern technologies in industrial plants will also reduce air pollution.

“Experience shows that relocation of guilds and industrial units will initially lead to dissatisfaction of their owners, but will later help improve their business environment,” he said.

Reza Qadimi, managing director of Industries and Guilds Organizing Company, said the company, operating under the supervision of Tehran Municipality was launched in the year to March 1991.

Qadimi noted that the company relocated guilds active in the production of chemicals from Nasser Khosrow Street to Kimia Bazaar located in Afsarieh district in southern Tehran, which has helped reduce damage to environmental pollution.

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