New emerging rivals threaten Iran’s saffron market

BIRJAND, Dec. 25 (MNA) – China, India, and Afghanistan have threatened to steal Iran’s saffron market relying on modern production technology.

Mehr News reported that Iran’s red gold treatment industries changed their main job to packaging condiments thanks to the lack of governmental support.

In a time when the meadows are flowerless, in the heart of the desert, saffron farmers harvest bunches of the red gold. Now, the landscape is beautiful with purple hue of the nature.

Saffron is native to all part of Asia especially southwestern Asia and southern Europe; but the most high-quality and highest-yield species are farmed in Iran as Razavi and Southern Khorasan provinces being two poles of saffron farming.

Spain imports 50 tons of saffron annually and exports it to US markets having packaged it with their own brands. Reportedly, Spain produced saffron in 30 years ago; however, when the end-user prices rose, they have cut their production, but they have promoted their own brand of saffron internationally, even as to associate saffron with Spain.

Through investment, Spain has adopted Iran’s saffron for their product, gaining high percentage of added value.

By Mehr News Agency


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