Iran prepares for 60% enrichment if West snubs Geneva deal

Nasim—Iranian MPs introduced legislation on Wednesday that could bound government to develop uranium enrichment over a level of 60% for peaceful purposes in case of sanctions’ increase; over one third of MPs have so far signed the bill.

According to Mehdi Mosavinejad a member of Energy Commission of Iran’s Parliament (Majlis), if the bill is enacted, in case of the western side’s violation of the interim nuclear deal of November 24 and setting further sanctions on Iran, the government needs to complete Fordo and Natanz infrastructures, maintain Arak Heavy Water Reactor and increase nuclear enrichment above 60% for watercrafts usage.

Earlier on December, US Senate pushed for a law to raise sanctions on Iran and compel the United States to support Israel if it launches a pre-emptive attack on the Iranian nuclear program, defying President Barack Obama and drawing a veto threat.

By Nasim Online 


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