Cmdr. stresses IRGC’s potency to preserve security

Nasim–Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guardian Crops (IRGC)’s Security Department said the force has managed to foil hundreds of security threats since the victory of the Islamic Revolution which includes stopping 26 planned hijacks of Iranian airliners until the year 2010.

The IRGC Security Department has successfully frustrated at least 130 attempts by hijackers of Iranian airliners since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, said Commander Mohammad Hassan Kazemi in an address on Wednesday on the occasion of the anniversary of establishment of Airline Intelligence Division of IRGC.

“After the Islamic Revolution, the enemies hatched many plots against the Islamic establishment in Iran which included assassinations, bombings and imposition of war,” added the senior IRGC security official. All the threats were successfully addressed by the force unless it was not present in the scenes.

He highlighted the IRGC’s accomplishments in the past 30 years to maintain security of airlines, and stressed that none of the attempted hijacks have been successful in these years.

He further posited Iran’s high security level in the world with regard to the large number of international flights in and outside of Iran by foreign airlines.

Besides, preserving security of airlines, the division is also responsible for ensuring the safety of VIPs in Iran including the Supreme Leader and heads of all powers in the country.

Protecting nuclear scientists and officials is also among the division’s responsibilities, he added, that is being done pretty well and many attempts have been foiled so far since the putting the IRGC responsible for preserving the lives of the scientists after assassination of a number of nuclear scientists in recent years.

By Nasim Online 


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