Italian top diplomat’s intensive, comprehensive talks in Tehran

Tehran, Dec 22, IRNA – Emma Bonino, the Italian foreign minister, is the first high ranking EU official visiting the Islamic Republic in a decade. She has also had a very thigh schedule for talks during her two day stay in Tehran. 

The European, and particularly the Italian media, including that country’s ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata), began covering the news on this visit before its beginning and continued their coverage during that past two days.

This Italian news agency is an article titled “Bonino: More European officials visit Iran” wrote before her visit of Iran:

“Keeping in mind Iran’s influential role in the region and the need for keeping alive the policy of holding dialogues necessitates the establishment of closer ties with Iran.”

ANAS wrote, “The Italian foreign minister with such a spirit, and after the passage of some ten years since the last visit of a European foreign minister, visits Tehran and meets the Iranian president as well as her Iranian counterpart.”

ANSA has also announced that Ms. Bonino’s visit of Tehran is the beginning for a series of similar visits by other EU top officials in near future.

The Italian foreign minister on the first day of her two-day visit of Tehran had a meeting with Shahla Ebtekar, deputy president and head of the Environment Protection Organization.

Ebtekar said in the meeting that Iran-Italy cooperation in environmental issues and in solving the related problems and challenges would further expand.

The Iranian vice president who was accompanying the Italian foreign minister during her visit of the Environmental Diversity and Wild Life Museum further reiterated in a meeting with the press, “The ground has been paved for further expansion of bilateral relations.

“Also the situation is quite ripe, thanks to the high level talks between the two countries high ranking officials, for using the appropriate potentials at the service of broader bilateral cooperation,” she added.

According to Ebtekar, in the meeting the initial preparations for exchanging a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation in energy, water, and air fields were made.

She emphasized, “By evermore expansion of cooperation in these fields we would contribute to turing green the Iran-Italy diplomatic relations.”

Bonino, too, expressed delight over her presence in Iran, reiterating, “The priority in the expansion of our cooperation in environmental issues, as well as our international, regional, and academic cooperation, is the cultural aspect of them all, as it seems as if paying attention to this aspect can contribute to rapid strengthening of bilateral cooperation.”

She said that the broad diversity of the herbal and animal species in Iran provides a broad base for greater bilateral cooperation.

The Italian foreign minister wholeheartedly accepted the Iranian Environmental Protection Organization head’s invitation for participation in the 15th International Environment Exhibition and said that even the Italian industrialists that are environment-friendly are interested in the exhibition.

The Italian foreign minister also had a meeting with the Iranian Vice President for Women’s Affairs Shahindokht Mowlaverdi.

Mowlaverdi said that Italy played an important role in ratification of the Un General Assembly resolution based on President Hassan Rohani’s World against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) proposal.

She added, “We hope this idea would be materialized relying on global cooperation and we would be witnesses to the emergence of a world devoid of violence and extremism.

Bonino said in the meeting that Iran-Italy political relations were at a good level and their stands in many were fields close to each other, adding, “Rome, too, like Tehran, believes the only way for resolving many of the world crises is possible through observing mutual respect.”

Bonino also expressed satisfaction over Iran’s efforts for evermore presence of women in the society, announcing Rome’s readiness for cooperation with Iran in that respect.

On Sunday Bonino talked with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad-Javad Zarif on a broader spectrum of issues of mutual concern, including bilateral ties, regional and international issues.

The latest developments in Syria and emphasis on Iran’s presence in seeking an international solution to the crisis there, industrial and archeological cooperation, and… were among the axes of their discussion, as the two foreign ministers said in their joint press conference.

Bonino said that she had a while ago promised Zarif to visit Tehran in near future. She also referred to the presence of a large number of female journalists in Iran, which she said is a sign of their professional competence.

The Italian foreign minister also expressed hope that Iran-Italy comprehensive cooperation would have a positive impact on world public opinion, thanks to the contribution of the press.

On Iran’s nuclear talks with six world powers, she said, “I know that a long path is ahead to pave and therefore, we need to observe patience and to both continue this dialogue and to strengthen it.”

Zarif said in the joint press conference that Iran and Italy will be the pioneers in this new atmosphere, emphasizing that the two very ancient civilizations relying on a new positive outlook of both nations’ about each other, and good record of past relations, can now have progressive relations.

Zarif added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran attaches great importance to its relations with Italy, is glad to host you in Iran and is ready for more bilateral talks and consultations.”

Zarif referred to the good record of cooperation between the Iranian and the Italian companies, announcing the Islamic Republic’s readiness for the expansion and strengthening of bilateral cooperation in expansion of railway transportation, oil and energy in the framework of the country’s development plans, stressing the need for innovation aimed at strengthening cooperation.

The Iranian top diplomat also said that the Italian culture minister was scheduled to visit Iran in near future, aimed at strengthening cultural, scientific and academic cooperation.

After the press conference Ms. Bonino has a meeting with the Iranian Parliament Speaker, which was mainly focused on parliamentary cooperation.

The Italian foreign minister said that parliamentary cooperation is one of the major fields for the expansion of Tehran-Rome relations.

Regarding Iran’s nuclear talks with world powers she said that resolving the nuclear issue would only be possible trough the strengthening of mutual trust.

Ali Larijani, too, proposed cooperation in various economic fields, includes in energy, industrial, and infrastructural fields, in addition to parliamentary ties, as major fields for bilateral cooperation in the future.

The Italian foreign minister’s meeting with the Iranian president, too, attracted the broad attention of the European, and particularly Italian and media.

Bonino said in the meeting that President Rohani’s meeting in New York with the Italian prime minister marked a turning point in the two countries’ relations, noting that Rome was enthusiastically willing to proceed with the positive wave of bilateral relations.

She said that there is a broad spectrum of fields for the expansion of economic, energy tourism and scientific and research fields.

President Rohani, too, said that Italy was an influential country in Europe. He added, “Tehran-Rome interactions can set the foundation stone for stone for mutual European trust.

Rohani referred to Iran-Italy cooperation in the UN as an outstanding example of such successful interactions.

He said that the current level of Tehran-Rome relations were beneath the dignity of the two nations, saying that keeping in mind both governments’ will, using the emerged opportunity at the service of expanding ties would be very appropriate.

Bonino arrived in Tehran Saturday afternoon for an official visit which included meetings with senior Iranian officials.

Boninoˈs two-day trip to the Iranian capital is taking place to reciprocate Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarifˈs recent visit to Italy.

During her stay in Tehran, the Italian top diplomat exchanged views with the senior Iranian officials on the latest international and regional developments and discussed ways to expand the bilateral relations.

The Italian media in their evaluation of Foreign Minister Bonino’s meetings with the Iranian officials said that their outcomes were beyond the predictions and a winning card for the Italian diplomat for expansion of relations with the Islamic Republic before the other European countries.



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