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Zanganeh congratulates NIDC establishment

TEHRAN Dec 22 (Shana): On the occasion of 34th anniversary of creation of National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC), Iranian minister of petroleum Bijan Zanganeh issued a statement stressing on necessity of moving toward standardization of drilling activities and boosting the quality of services.

In part of his message he said: during the year has been dubbed the Year of Political and Economic Epic and as the first year of Prudence and Hope Administration ruling over the country, it is my pleasure to congratulate the 34th anniversary of establishment of NIDC to the hard-working staff of drilling industry.

He continued: it is clear that glorious workforce of Iran’s oil industry, as the pioneers of industry and economic activities in the country, have succeeded not only to sustain the process of oil production but to meet foreign exchange needs of the country.

According to Minister of Petroleum’s message, creation of NIDC was a turning point in oil industry history which accelerated the move toward self-sufficiency and industrial unfolding and paved the way for flourishing of talents in the sector.

 NIDC was created 34 years ago under an order issued by the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini.  

“Today drilling industry should move toward standardization of its activities, boosting productivity, improving services and reforming its structure in line with oil industry development plans. There is no doubt that NIDC experts, relying on their past experiences and deploying new and sophisticated technologies, will try hard to realize oil industry targets”, the message continued.

The message, at the end, wishes more success and bigger achievements for Iran’s drilling industry and its workforce.


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