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Thoughts on President Rouhaniˈs WAVE – by Stephen Lendman

London, Dec. 21, IRNA – In September, President Rouhani captured world attention. He did so addressing the UN General Assembly in New York.
He had important things to say. 

He was eloquent, straightforward and candid. He made Obama and Netanyahu look hair-brained by comparison.

He urged peace and reconciliation. He promised ˈgovernment of hope and prudenceˈ. He pledged ˈconstructive interaction with the world.ˈ

He said what he means and meant what he said. He called ˈthe age of zero sum games…over.ˈ

ˈMilitarism and the recourse to violent and military means to subjugate others are failed examples of the perpetuation of old ways in new circumstances.ˈ

He condemned ˈunjust sanctions.ˈ Theyˈre a ˈmanifestation of structural violence,ˈ he said. They’re ˈintrinsically inhumane and against peace.ˈ

Theyˈre fundamentally lawless. They harm ordinary Iranians most. Theyˈre imposed for that reason.

ˈCommon people are victimized,ˈ said Rouhani, not ˈstates (or) political elite(s).ˈ

Western imposed sanctions ˈviolate inalienable human rights,ˈ he stressed.

He proposed an important UN initiative. He calls it ˈthe World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE).ˈ

ˈLet us all join this ˈWAVE,ˈ ˈ he said.

ˈI invite all states, international organizations and civil institutions to undertake a new effort to guide the world in this direction.ˈ

ˈWe should start thinking about ˈCoalition for Enduring Peaceˈ all across the globe instead of the ineffective ˈCoalitions for War.ˈ ˈ

On December 18, the General Assembly passed Rouhaniˈs resolution. It did so 190 – 1. Israel alone voted no.

Adopting WAVE is another positive step. Doing so doesnˈt end 34 years of Iran bashing. They resonate in Washington and Israel.

They continue relentlessly. Iran seeks constructive dialogue. Itˈs making headway toward achieving it. Much more needs to be done. Hostile US/Israeli positions arenˈt easily overcome.

Obama speaks with forked tongue. On the one hand, he extends outreach. On the other, he breached Geneva terms. He did so by imposing new sanctions on Iranian, Asian and European companies.

Twenty-six US senators proposed new sanctions. Others in both Houses urge them. Doing so shows no letup in US hostility.

Itˈs unrelated to Iranˈs nuclear program. Itˈs red herring cover for longstanding US plans. It wants all independent governments ousted. It wants pro-Western subservient ones replacing them.

Israel is part of Washingtonˈs dirty scheme. If Iran had no nuclear program, another pretext for criticism would be used.

Changing this type of hostility wonˈt be easy. Every victory is important. Rouhani won an important one at the UN. Hopefully many more will follow.

Washington bears full responsibility for most global violence, instability and insecurity. Key NATO partners, Israel, and regional Arab League allies share it.

Today is the most perilous time in world history. Middle East conflicts show no signs of ending. Nor do other regional ones.

Obamaˈs war on Syria rages out-of-control. Peace is a convenient illusion. Washington supports the most radical extremist elements. US officials lie claiming otherwise.

War in Afghanistan could continue for another decade. Iraq and Libya are cauldrons of violence. Wherever America shows up, mass killing, destruction and human misery follow.

The same goes for Israel. Peaceful conflict resolution chances are practically zero. Itˈs been this way for decades.

America and Israel deplore peace. Their agendas perpetuate violence and instability. Nothing looks promising going forward.

Both target Iran. Netanyahu is a world class thug. Obama canˈt be trusted… he broke every major promise made.

Itˈs up to him to change things. His policies show no signs of doing so.

In most respects, the UN is Washington occupied territory. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon … supports the worst of US and Israeli policies. Heˈs done nothing to oppose them.

Whatˈs ahead next year remains to be seen. Itˈs up to ordinary people everywhere to demand peace, not war.

Most of all, itˈs up to Americans to get Washington to change policy. It happened before. It can happen again.

Itˈll take sustained commitment to do it. What more important time than now to try. Humanityˈs fate hangs in the balance. It remains very much up for grabs.



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