Supranational forces activities totally ‘under surveillance’

BANDAR ABBAS, Dec. 21 (MNA) – The commander of southeastern air defense zone of Iran’s army has said they have under surveillance ‘all movements by supranational forces in the region.’

Col. Mohammad Reza Farzan told Mehr News correspondent on Friday evening that air surveillance, defense and space security were the country’s air defense missions. “The air defense is assigned with controlling, guiding, and complementing the offensive air missions of the Air Force during the ‘Defenders of Velayat Sanctuary 4’ drills,” he said.

“Helping with air security, offensive flights, setting track to and position of targets are other duties assigned to air defense during the drills,” said Col. Farzan. Asked by Mehr News about activities of supranational forces during drills, he told that the air defense had provided necessary surveillance of their activities to bring total security and defense against threats.

“These types of activities are common among other armed forces in the neighboring countries and international forces in the region,” he added.

By Mehr News Agency 


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