Rouhani’s proposal a resolution for peace, says UK peace campaigner

London, Dec 22, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani’s anti-extremism proposal which was approved unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly, is a resolution for peace, according to British peace campaigner William Spring. 

In an interview with IRNA, he said that this is a “welcome change for the UN image, by adoption of a resolution in favor of peace.”

The United Nations overwhelmingly voted on Wednesday to adopt a resolution that calls on nations across the globe to denounce violence and extremism.

Based on President Rouhani’s proposal for a World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE), the resolution urges member states to take “appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace and achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character.”

For many years the UN General Assembly has just sat back to allow the Security Council to subvert the plain meaning of international law and tear up the Charter”, said Spring, director of Christians against Nato aggression (CANAUK).

In response to a question about the main causes of violence and extremism around the world and especially in the Middle East, he said the Zionist regime and its supporters are to blame.

“Main cause of violence and extremism around the world and in the Mideast is creation of state of Israel, and US alliance with, and the wider alliance between Israel, US, the Saudi Arabia and Qatar”, Spring said.

“This in turn has led to rise of Salafists, and the far right in western states and Russia”, he told IRNA.

When asked if the United Nations can make a real difference in combating and eradicating all forms of violence and extremism, the campaigner said; “the UN could make a difference if the secretary-general is a man of integrity prepared to defend the Charter.”

“This was not the case in reference to Kofi Annan, who said nothing about the US/UK breach of international law over Iraq invasion until months or even years after it had happened, and then on a radio talk show.”

He said that current secretary general is slightly better, but no one of the stature of (former SG) Dag Hammarskjöld.

Criticising the former secretary-general, Kofi Annan, for his weak response to Iraq War, he said “Annan seemed to have been bought by the US, or if not was certainly bullied by them.

“(Tony) Blair was definitely bought, though we have no specific evidence of this yet.

In the western world the only thing which can restore faith to international institutions is his impeachment”.

“Blair should not be allowed to continue running around the world on Saudi cash in his sinecure role as a so called peace envoy!! And of course in UK we need the Chilcot Inquiry (an inquiry into the 2003 invasion of Iraq) to report with full access to all documentation”, the veteran peace activist concluded.



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