Terrorists attacks Al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo

TEHRAN (FNA)- A terrorist blast by a booby-trapped car targeted the Al-Kindi Hospital North of Aleppo in Northwestern Syria.

Terrorist Abu Marwan Al-Halabi, one of the suicide bombers, blew himself and his companion up by a booby-trapped car at Al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo Countryside on Friday.

The Al-Kindi Hospital is located in a valuable strategic point in Aleppo countryside and was held by FSA rebels in 2012 until the Syrian army retook the hospital.

The Hospital is still under the Syrian Army Control and clashes continue.

Al-Kindi Hospital has come under repeated suicide attacks by the terrorists of the Al Nusra Front, Ahrar Al Sham, Islamic Front, and Al-Tawheed so far.

By Fars News Agency 


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