Former Italian premier: Europe fully ready for finalizing Geneva deal

Tehran, Dec 21, IRNA – Former Italian Prime Minister Masimo DˈAlema said Europe is quite ready for finalizing the Geneva agreement.

Talking to IRNA, he said European countries are encouraging the US to move towards the final agreement as well.

Stressing the importance of finalizing and implementing the Geneva agreement, he referred to the decision of the European Union (EU) to lift anti-Iran sanctions as of January 2014 and believed the act meant the gradual removal of sanctions by the EU and the US.

He said the Geneva agreement was indeed a fundamental trial of policies for the European Union, noting that Iran too has to stay committed to its promises.

The former premier pointed to the strong political will on the part of both sides to get to a final agreement.

However, he stressed, reaching such a solution was not an easy task due to sabotages taking place by certain elements.

DˈAlema arrived here Tuesday morning to address a conference at the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

He was prime minister of Italy from 1998-2000. He served as the Italian foreign minister as well.

Meanwhile, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Emma Bonino is to arrive here for a two-day visit Saturday. Her visit is taking place at the official invitation of her Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Bonino is the first Italian foreign minister visiting Iran in the past decade.



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