Ex- ambassadors, FM staff announce support for nuclear negotiators

TEHRAN, Dec. 21 (MNA) – A group of Iran’s FM ex-staff has announced their support for nuclear negotiators. 

Mehr News reported that the group consisting of former ambassadors, heads of delegations, and staff of the foreign ministry, issued a statement, where they announced support for nuclear diplomatic attempts of the country.

“The unique role of the foreign policy in securing independence and territorial integrity, national capabilities, and international prestige are crucial to meet the country’s needs, and if successful, it would improve the overall place of the country,” read the statement.

“Foreign policy, however, is the most complex and most controversial issue in policy-making for all countries and criticism of the conduct, if realistic and bringing necessities, capabilities, opportunities, challenges and limitations would help maximize the benefits and eliminate potential damage. Otherwise, it would weaken the national power.”

“ Now the foreign ministry as the sole executive of national decisions, led by Dr. Zarif, has engaged in a heavy-weight historic diplomatic effort in nuclear issue in line with the objectives set by the Islamic Revolution and overall policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the signatories of the statement, who had been working in diplomacy for part of their lives, would express their support to these efforts as their national duties, and believing that success of this path needs national unity, call all parties and the public to attend their duties to secure country’s security and interest; so that conditions for success against the warmongering Neo-cons and Zionist lobbying groups in the US and country’s rapid development would be faced,” the statement said.

By Mehr News Agency 


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