Swedish companies invited to invest in Iran

Tehran, Dec 18, IRNA – The deputy finance minister in a meeting with the Chairman of the International Council of Swedish Industry Erik Belfrage invited Swedish investors to make investments in Iran .

Referring to the status of Europe, Sweden in particular, in Iran, Behrouz Alishiri explained the countryˈs capacities as well as incentives for investment.

ˈSanctions has served as an opportunity for Iranˈs oil-dependent economy to turn into non-oil economy,ˈ he said, noting that sanctions largely inflicted losses on European firms, banks and insurance industry.

As to the concern of the chairman of the International Council of Swedish Industry about non-issuance of guarantee for the Swedish private sectorˈs investment in Iran, Alishiri said that there is no need for EUˈs guarantee, as all investments in Iran are covered by Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA).

Alishiri further noted that International Council of Swedish Industry can encourage the countryˈs private companies to make investment in Iran, which in turn will promote bilateral commercial ties.

Alishiri also hoped that Iran-Sweden economic ties and commercial transactions would further develop.

Belfrage, for his part, underlined Iranˈs huge economic capacity and hoped that the council would be able to strengthen Swedish companiesˈ presence in the Iranian projects.

Commenting on Geneva nuclear deal, he said that if the trend of the agreement continues, major Swedish companies will make investment in Iran.

Although the sanctions undermined bilateral economic ties, most of the major Swedish firms are interested in boosting economic and commercial ties with their Iranian counterparts.



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