New Chancellor of the University of Environment appointed

Zistboom: Dr. Asghar Mohammadi Fazel has been selected as the Chancellor of the University of Environment.

Dr. Fazel, as a faculty member of the University of Environment, has more than 25 year experience of teaching, management and research in different environmental fields. Before the new administration takes office in 2013, he has had different positions in three previous successive administrations in Iran as Director General of Natural History Museums, Deputy Head of the DoE for Training and Research, Deputy Head of the DoE for Natural Environment and Biodiversity.

New Chancellor of the University of Environment has previously served as Acting Chancellor of the University and also the Dean of its predecessor, the College of Environment, for a couple of terms. Fazel has the title of the President of the ECO Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ECO-IEST) which is leading environmental collaboration and networking in 10 countries from Eastern Europe to Central and West Asia.

As an environmental activist, he has been involved in several national as well as international projects. As the Senior Advisor to the World Conservation Monitoring Center of the United Nations Development Programme, he has leaded the UNEP/GEF Project on Integrated Reporting to Rio Conventions.

University of Environment has been active as the College of Environment since 1970 and offers several vocational and degree courses in Bachelor and Master levels.

By Zistboom 


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