Geneva deal suffers stroke; still alive

TEHRAN, Dec. 19 (MNA) – A political analyst has said Geneva deal has suffered a stroke, but it is still alive. 

Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh told Mehr News that the new sanctions by the US Treasury violate the spirit of Geneva deal. “Geneva deal states that no new sanctions would be enacted against Iran for 6 months, and Iran would continue its nuclear program as specified in the deal,” he added.

“the IAEA has confirmed Iran’s measures as complying with Geneva deal, “ he went on to say, “ but there is some fluctuations in implementation of Powers commitments, as they took contradictory positions, saying that the deal had not recognized Iran’s right to enrich uranium.”

“In practice as well, we saw them enacting new sanctions on Iran,” he asserted. “The scope of the sanctions is not extensive, being insignificant compared to major sanctions; but whatever the sanctions, it violated the spirit of the deal,” said Falahatpisheh. 

He believed that their actions improved the assumption by Iranians that the West was not reliable. “The sanctions are truly new and are irrelevant to previous sanctions. The US in practice has paid the cost of agreement with Congress by sanctions on Iran, and that it attempted to show that it had maintained the strategy of sanctions against Iran,” he added. 

Falahatpisheh believed that the US should set in the agenda positive conduct. “The US did not need Geneva deal less than Iran did, and to the same degree it needed the success of the deal,” he added.

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