Defected syrian officers, soldiers returning to army in thousands

TEHRAN (FNA)- Many defected officers and soldiers of the Syrian army have and are returning to their previous jobs after President Bashar Al-Assad granted general amnesty.

In late October, Syrian President Assad granted a general amnesty, covering crimes committed before October 29. The new presidential pardon covers crimes mentioned in the military service law, including those of fleeing from the mandatory service.

FNA Bureau in Damascus reported that thousands of defected army officers who had joined the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have now returned to the Syrian army.

The fresh move came as preparations for the Geneva II conference on Syria which seeks to find a political solution to the long-standing conflict in the country are underway.

Also in the last 24 hours, the Washington Post disclosed that the Al-Qaeda militants have recruited underage children for the war in the Muslim country.

Elsewhere, a Suicide bomber blew up himself in a mosque in Deir Ezzur in Eastern Syria which is close to Syrian army’s security zone.

Along the borders, at least four Lebanese people were wounded after six rockets hit Harmel region in Northern Lebanon.

Also, the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists beheaded over a dozen civilians in Adra al-Amalieh in Damascus countryside in Southern Syria on Tuesday.

Meantime, FNA dispatches said the militants of the Islamic Front and the Al-Nusra Front cut off the heads of 14 unarmed residents of Adra al-Amalieh whom they had abducted in previous days.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian army pushed back the armed rebels from different towns and villages in Reef (countryside of) Idlib in Northwestern Syria.

The army units targeted and destroyed several gathering centers of the militants in Al-Janudiyeh, Joftalk, Haj Hamud Farm in Jasr al-Shaghour in the countryside of Idlib.

The Syrian army also destroyed the armed rebels’ concentration points in Kafr Late and Kafr Shalaya villages in Ariha countryside.

Meantime, the army destroyed the militants’ gathering centers in the Southern parts of Maarat al-Numaan city located on a highway between Aleppo and Hama.

By Fars News Agency


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