Araqchi: Expert level talks with G5+1 may continue till next week

Tehran, Dec 18, IRNA – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and top nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi said on Wednesday that expert level talks between the Islamic Republic of Iran and G5+1 would resume on Thursday but they might last till early next week.
Speaking to IRNA, he said Iranian experts and technicians who are to attend the meeting will leave Tehran for Geneva Wednesday night to joint G5+1 experts.

According to the time table, talks are to be held on Thursday and Friday and might continue for Saturday and Sunday, he said.

ˈFollowing my meeting with Ashton on Tuesday, I strongly complained about ill-performance of US administration on Iranˈs nuclear dossier, but she assured us that G5+1 is serious in proceeding with Geneva accord,ˈ he said.

In Geneva, the executive protocols are to be drafted to prepare grounds for clinching the final deal, he said.

ˈAshton also assured us that they will continue talks with good will and the step by step procedure will be a good guarantor of such a policy.ˈ

ˈWhenever we feel that the other party fails to observe its commitment, we will definitely halt talks,ˈ Araqchi underlined.

Talks between Iran and G5+1 resumed in Vienna on December 9 but halted on December 12 due to improper action of US Treasury Department adding 19 individuals and overseas companies to its list of anti-Iran sanctions and Iran consequently abandoned the talks in protest.



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