German companies ready to contribute to Iran mining, industrial projects

Tehran, Dec 16, IRNA – Member of the German Association of the Middle and Near East in Tehran Werner Sholtzke said on Monday that German companies are ready to return to Iran to contribute to industrial and mining projects.

Speaking to chairman of IMIDRO Board of Directors, Mohammad Khandadashpour, Sholtzke said that sanctions have put German companies in harsh conditions as well.

He said, ˈOn behalf of the Association, I should say that we are ready for business negotiations and joint cooperation to implement many projects in Iran, including in the aluminum, copper, steel and the like.ˈ

He said that Association of German companies is willing to sign many contracts in the mining and industries sectors.

ˈThere is no limit for cooperation with Iranian industrialists in the field of equipment design and equipment manufacturing, installation and operating the industries.ˈ

He said that with lifting of sanctions in 2014, Iranian special economic zones and mining industries in southern Iran will be activated.

He noted that import of basic materials including alumina and the Iranian gas available in the industrial zones would serve as a proper ground for growth in the industry sector.

Khandadashpour in turn said plans have been made in special energy zones south of Iran to increase output capacity of steel, aluminum and similar metals.

He said that Iran is keen on industrial cooperation with German companies.



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