2,000 year-old trees registered on national heritage list

Tehran, Dec 15, IRNA – Some 90 trees with an average age of 2,000 years have been registered on national natural heritage list, Director General for Natural History Museum and Genetic Reserves Bureau affiliated to Department of Environment Shahabeddin Montazeri said on Sunday.

Old trees are regarded as natural assets and botanical-genetic reserves for the country and that is why their protection is of prime importance, he said.

ˈAmong these trees we can refer to Cedar Abarkho in Yazd province with the average age of 2,200 to 2,300 years and Harzavil Cedar in Gilan province aged 2000 years, Sirach Cedar with the average age of 1,000 years in Kerman province, Zarbin Sangan Cedar in Sistan Baluchestan province aged 2,000 years, Zarbin Garehbagh Cedar with the average age of 1,000 years and Sarani Cedar aged 2,700 years in North Khorasan,ˈ he said.



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