Pakistan welcomes Iran-5+1 agreement

Islamabad, Dec 14, IRNA – Pakistan has welcomed the interim agreement between Iran and P5+1, at the United Nations Security Council, with respect to the Iranian nuclear issue.

In a statement issued at the UN Security Council after the presentation of 90-day report by Chairman of 1737 Committee to the Security Council, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Masood Khan said that Pakistan had always maintained that Iran, as a party to the NPT and member of the IAEA, was entitled to certain rights that should be recognized in line with the provisions of the NPT and the IAEA.

“At the same time, Iran should fulfill its legal obligations under these instruments”, he added, says a press release received from New York in Islamabad.

Pakistan expressed its satisfaction that the Joint Action Plan provides a balance between these rights and obligations.

“It represents a practical manifestation of the strategic use of the political will and flexibility in the cause of peace and security. The plan contains the necessary menu of reciprocal confidence-building measures and marks the beginning of a diplomatic engagement”, he added. Pakistan also expressed hope that both sides implement their respective commitments in good faith.

Pakistani envoy said that being an immediate neighbor of Iran, Pakistan has always underscored the importance of finding a peaceful solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. “Pakistan looks forward to a long-term comprehensive solution, which should augur well for peace and security in the region and the world at large”, he said.

Ambassador Khan said that the overall positive tone of the last IAEA report is indicative of the progress on technical issues between Iran and the agency. Pakistan urged Iran to stay engaged with the IAEA and extend full cooperation to it with a view to addressing remaining issues, including in line with the Joint Action Plan.

Pakistani envoy emphasized that the council has an important responsibility to make its contribution to the resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue. “The council and the 1737 Committee may re-evaluate, at an appropriate time and we hope soon, the objectives and strategy as set out in the relevant resolutions of the Security Council vis-à-vis the Iranian nuclear issue”, he added.


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