IAEA to discuss new package of measures to verify Iran’s nuclear program

Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and representatives of Iran sit down at the negotiating table at the UN Office here on Wednesday. It is planned that the consultations will refer to a second package of practical measures which will make it possible to provide an answer to international specialists’ questions with regard to individual aspects of Iran’s nuclear program.

A source close to the talks told Itar-Tass earlier that the package might include up to six questions. Neither did he rule out that the list would be fixed during the present round and accepted for execution.

The basis for such step-by-step work was laid down early in November during IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano’s visit to Tehran where the sides signed an agreement on cooperation and a supplement to it — a list of six points, which Iran was to account for withn three months. The process coincided with a breakthrough on another, diplomatic, track –at talks between Iran and the Sextet (five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council and Germany).

In particular, the Islamic Republic was to provide information and ensure experts’ access to the uranium deposit in Gachin and to a heavy-water producing facility at Arak, and hand over data on the locations of all the 16 supposed nuclear power construction sites and on all research reactors. Tehran also undertook to give explanations on additional enterprises engaging in the development of technology for laser enrichment of uranium.

Experts and diplomats polled by Itar-Tass diverged in opinions about which points might be included in the second package. However, almost all of them ruled out the possibility that on Wednesday the IAEA would manage to secure the gaining of access to the site located at the military facility at Parchin. Western partners suppose that it is precisely over there that an undeclaled nuclear research is or could be conducted.

“Is it early so far to discuss access to Parchin,” a Vienna-based high-ranking diplomat pointed out in response to a question asked by an Itar-Tass correspondent.

Neither does the source rule out that representatives of Iran and the IAEA will consider possible steps and measures for the IAEA’s verification of the accords reached by the Sextet and Tehran in Geneva. The more so as parallel consultations between the experts of the Sextet and the IRI are under way in Vienna. The consultations are expected to result in a certain “roadmap” on practical activities for the IAEA.

By The Voice Of Russia


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