Ugandan Official: Necessary infra-structures prepared for Iranian investors

Isfahan, Dec 10, IRNA – Head of Uganda Investment Organization said that necessary infra-structures is prepared in Uganda for Iranian investors.
Issa Mukasa made the remarks in a meeting in Khorasagan Free Islamic University on ˈmarket and investment opportunity in East Africaˈ.

He added that Uganda has removed obstacles and has plenty of plans for foreign investors.

The planning is toward infra-structures for investment, such as transportation, water, electricity, gas, land, rent, and security .

He continued that Uganda is located at the heart of Africa and makes access to African countries possible for investors.

Mukasa referred to 35 million population of Uganda and said that it has more than 241 thousand square kilometers area and its temperature is between 15 and 30 degrees centigrade.

He referred to discovery of oil fields in Uganda and said that the country needs investment in fields of extraction, production, transportation, refinery, marketing and distribution.

Construction of residential units and educational and treatment centers are among other opportunities for investment in the country.

He also referred to agricultural and animal husbandry capacities in the country and said that construction of slaughterhouses, centers to produce dairy, activity in the field of fishery and production of wooden goods are among other capacities of Uganda.

Head of Uganda Investment Organization stressed that in tourism, we are ready to accept investors in the fields of construction and administration of hotels, conference halls and training courses for employees.

Construction of hydraulic dams, production of solar electricity, generating energy from animal compost are among other opportunities for investors.

Tax deduction between 50 to 75 percent, consultation in the field of investment, creation of security for investors are among incentives for foreign investors by Ugandan government, the Ugandan official said.



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