Iran launches home-made defense shield

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran launched the first home-made cyber defense shield dubbed ‘Shahpad’ (the smart network of defense security cover), after several years of studies and research.

The product is a cyber defense system which protects all organizations in an integrated way.

“The initial idea of the system was received from missile defense shield used in different countries with the aim of preventing missile attacks,” said the product manager.

In every organization a home-made information and security management system, CoreLog, is used to protect the organization’s internal security. Shahpad is also employed for security of all massive networks of organizations inside the country.

The intelligence protecting system was run by few countries in the world, or it is now just being designed or implemented.

Using the system, whenever there is a threat against an organization or a sensor, other sensors will be informed and prevent the threat.

Smart mechanisms for exchange of intelligence among the sensors are used in the solution to facilitate swift reaction. The system is capable of informing all sensitive and important centers such as security operations centers across the country.



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