June 14 presidential elections prepared ground for Geneva talks: FM advisor

Qom prov, Dec 7, IRNA – An advisor to foreign minister, Kambiz Sheikh-Hassani said Saturday that people’s high turnout for June 14 presidential election paved the way for Geneva talks on Iran’s nuclear program.
Addressing a gathering in Qom to review Geneva talks on Iran’s nuclear program, Sheikh-Hassani said Iran has developed nuclear technology up to the level it required and following the Supreme Leader’s theory of heroic flexibility and given the existing atmosphere in the world, Iranian officials preferred not to pay any more costs.

He reiterated that Iran’s nuclear rights are included in the agreement reached in Geneva.

Sheikh-Hassani said that if any of the two sides fails to keep promises, the other side can put aside the agreement, otherwise it will grow into a contract soon.

He criticized US double-standard policy as it advised Iran to develop nuclear technology before 1979 Islamic Revolution, but now pressures Iran to give up its nuclear program. He also referred to US and Westˈs breach of promises to build nuclear power plants in Iran in the first few years after the Islamic Revolution.

He made it clear that Iran will never give up its nuclear rights as the use of nuclear power plants is increasingly growing around the world.



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