Iran-Austria environmental cooperation will grow: Official

Tehran, Dec 7, IRNA – Iran-Austria cooperation in fighting air pollution will increase, said deputy the head of Department of Environment, hoping that the collaboration will be generalized to water and wastewater sectors.
Addressing the ground breaking ceremony of Tehran University’s International Center for Designing, Development and Testing of Fuel Driving Forces and Pollutants Saturday, he added that the center which plays a crucial role in reducing air pollution in Iran would be set up in cooperation with Austrian experts.

One of the main missions of the Department of Environment is to control and supervise the environmental pollutants arising from automobile production, he said, noting that given the interaction between the institute and automakers, plans are underway to promote technology in the sector in a bid to witness fresh air across the country.

Meawhile, talking to reporters during the same ceremony, Austrian Ambassador to Tehran Friedrich Stift hoped that Iran-5+1 Geneva deal would lead to a final agreement and full lifting of all anti-Iran sanctions.

Referring to Iran-Austria long-standing cooperation, he said that the cooperation was stopped in recent years due to the sanctions.

Stift hoped that the mutual collaboration will resume with the full removal of the sanctions.

“Iran and Austria had cooperation in different sectors of automaking, industry, oil and gas,” he said.

The envoy also hailed Iran’s efforts to fight air pollution.



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