Beitolmoghadas Brigade to hold drills in Dashti

DASHTI, Dec. 8 (MNA) – Dashti’s governor in Bushehr province has said Beitolmoghadas Brigades will hold drills in Dashti.

Mehr News reported that Seyed Ali Hashemi told reporters during a meeting to coordinate the holding of Beitolmoghadas drills that the drills were necessary, since the Islamic Republic of Iran have had many enemies.

Hashemi expressed gratitude for the staff holding the drills and added that all authorities were obliged to provide the Basiji forces with all administrative and personnel facilities and logistics to improve them.“In the drill, Basiji forces will display their capabilities to turn weaknesses to strengths and to improve strengths further,” added Hashemi.“After 25 years since the end of the war, enemies still fear Iranian people, since they have our Basiji drills under surveillance,” he said.
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