Saudi-Israeli alliance defeated on Iran nuclear deal

TEHRAN (FNA)- The recent Geneva nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers has been a great defeat for both the Saudi and Israeli officials who did their best to sink the agreement, US think tank said.

Robert Parry in an article on Consortiumnews said that the interim agreement “represents a stern international rebuke to the new Saudi-Israeli alliance which sought to thwart the deal and maneuver the United States into another military confrontation in the Middle East”.

He said that despite the strident protests of Saudi Arabia, Israel and their Neocon allies, Iran and the sextet managed to reach an agreement which paves the way for devising a permanent solution to Iran’s nuclear issue.

Yet, Parry said Riyadh and Tel Aviv would continue their antagonistic efforts to render the transient deal useless. “Surely, Saudi Arabia and Israel will not abandon their efforts to torpedo a fuller agreement – and one can expect more sabotage by members of Congress, elements of the Western news media, and countries, such as France (a disgruntled p-5-plus-1 member), angling for lucrative business deals with Saudi Arabia.”

“Nevertheless, this interim arrangement with Iran – on the heels of a negotiated agreement on Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal (which headed off a threatened US military strike last summer) – means that Saudi Arabia and Israel were blocked on two high-profile issues in which they favored a violent solution that would have dragged the US military into another Mideast conflict. On both Syria and Iran, the Saudi-Israeli tandem was stopped by a big-power alliance headed by the United States and Russia, favoring diplomacy.”

Parry added that the world is now observing a dramatic shift in the geopolitics of the world as Saudi Arabia with its oil and money and Israel with its lobbying power try to confront the new alliance of the US and Russia for solving world issues through diplomacy.

“Regarding Iran, the Saudi-Israeli strategy was to torpedo the interim deal by getting France to blast a hole in the negotiations in Geneva while influential Neocons in Washington harassed President Barack Obama sufficiently to prevent him from saving the sinking ship,” he said.

He also added that besides removing concerns around Iran’s nuclear program, the agreement can be considered as a historical achievement for the US and Iran as it was their first diplomatic session since the revolution of 1979.

“Yet, perhaps even more significant, the agreement is a message to the Saudis and Israelis that their desire to be the small-power tail wagging the big-power dog has its limits, that Obama and Putin can form their own alliance in favor of diplomatic solutions,” parry underlined.

“In facing down Israel’s hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama also has done something that few recent US presidents have dared even attempt, to stand up to Israel and its imposing lobby.”

By Fars News Agency


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