Govˈt has been successful in its first 100 days in office, President

Tehran, Dec 7, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said that his government has taken successful steps to construct interactions and relations with the world during its first 100 days in office thanks to the support of the Supreme Leader.

Addressing a ceremony here Saturday morning held to commemorate the national “University Student Day”, he said his government managed to tackle at least one major problem in the country’s foreign policy which made certain countries so furious.

Stressing that the Zionist regime greatly suffered from Iran-5+1 deal, he said all regional countries which are considered as Iran’s allies are happy with the agreement.

He noted that his government will stay loyal to the promises it has made to the nation in economic areas to the end.

Stressing his commitment to all his promises to the nation, the President highlighted the importance of internal consensus to achieve the objectives.

President Rouhani said as pursuing peaceful nuclear technology and enrichment activities are inalienable rights of the Iranians, the right to progress and advancement too can not be denied for the nation.

He said all should increase the level of their tolerance to make the materialization of ideals possible.



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