Araqchi calls Powers not to let negotiation window ‘closed’

TEHRAN, Dec. 7 (MNA) – Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator has said weakening the articles of the joint Action Plan is not appropriate.
Mehr News quoted Abbas Araqchi’s interview to Dutch public TV’s News Hour. “In a win-win agreement, it is natural to concede in turn for getting other advantages, and it would not be appropriate to weaken the articles of the agreement and to say that only small parts of sanctions were agreed to be removed,” he added.

“The remarks by the Powers are not conducive to agreement. They should care to keep the negotiation window open,” Araqchi told the program.

Araqchi was speaking to the program in the sidelines of 18thOPCW conference in Hague. The program moderator told that Araqchi was one of the major players in Iran and Powers historic deal in Genève.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister told that Genève negotiations had been agreed to hold in 3 days, but lasted 5 days. “Calling the ministers for participation in the negotiations in the midnight was a crucial action in the last round of talks. Before reaching a deal, heated debates were on about the wording of the joint Action Plan,” he added.

“Some dark forces like the Zionist regime and some others inside the US had been working to sabotage the process of agreement, but rationality won the battle,” Araqchi said.

“I personally believe in the future of the negotiations, since no other alternative is thought for negotiations, as other alternatives would be too costly to be considered,” he said.

By Mehr News Agency


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