Syrian army kills 15 militants, injures 20 more in Damascus countryside

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army killed a large number of militants in fierce clashes in Reef (countryside of) Damascus in Southern Syria on Monday.

The army killed 15 armed rebels and injured 20 more in Al-Qalmoun town near the Syrian capital of Damascus today.

The militants tried to block the Syrian army advance in the Damascus countryside town after similar advances in Qareh and Deir Attiyeh towns in the vicinity of Al-Qalmoun. The militants tried to attack Homs-Damascus road and deploy snipers in the area, but failed.

Heavy clashes are still underway in the surrounding areas of Al-Al-Qalmoun.

Earlier this week, several foreign militants, including Saudi nationals, were killed in clashes which led to the retaking of the strategic town of Deir Attiyeh in countryside of Damascus by Syrian army which also entered Nabk town.

A security source told Al-Alam on Friday that after retaking the strategic town of Deir Attiyeh which was defended by several Saudi militants, the Syrian troops entered the nearby town of Nabk.

“If this town (Nabk) is captured, all we’ll have left is Yabroud and some other villages to completely block off the border with Lebanon and to stop any entrance or exit of rebels into Lebanon,” the source said, Al-Alam reported.

“The next phase will be to retake the South of Syria. The North and the East are for later,” he added, referring to areas under the control of the militants or of Kurdish fighters.

By Fars News Agency


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