Afkham: Iran, UK embassies too soon to open

TEHRAN, Dec. 3 (MNA) – Iran’s FM spokeswoman has said it is too soon for opening Iran and UK embassies in Tehran and London.

Mehr new quoted Marzieh Afkham in her weekly press conference. “Iran’s non-residing charge d’affaires will leave for London heading a delegation to visit Iran’s political buildings in London and will examine the possibilities of providing consular services in Britain,” told Afkham.

Commenting on British non-residing charge d’affaires she said that he would enter Tehran to visit British political building, and “he will meet with Iran’s foreign ministry officials.”

Asked by Mehr News correspondent when the two countries’ embassies would be opened, Afkham told that Iranian-British relations had been in the agreed path based on a step-by-step progress. “Given the nature of our relations, it is too soon for embassies to be opened in Tehran and London,” Afkham added.

“Non-residing charges d’affaires are still in the initial stage of their career, preparing for the final stage. Iran and Powers expert-level meeting will be held in December 9 and 10 in Vienna, Austria, to implement the joint Action Plan,” said Afkham. “The IAEA officials will also attend the meeting as supervisors.”

The foreign ministry spokeswoman added that the supervising body of the IAEA in Iran and Powers expert-level meeting was intended to provide a good understanding of the Action Plan. She pointed to Western sabotage in the way of implementation of the agreement. “We wait the agreement to take effect. If Powers do not implement the agreement, we will roll back the changes in our nuclear program,” she said.

In response to a Mehr News question about Iran’s position on US-Afghanistan security agreement, and whether it was an internal affair of Afghanistan, she said that Iranian officials had meetings with Afghan officials about the implementation of the security accord and “we communicated our positions to Afghan authorities.” “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that signing of the agreement would not serve Afghanistan’s long-term interests, wielding a negative impact on the whole region. We hope that ultimate decision is for the benefit of Afghan people,” Afkham said, and that “Hamid Karzai will visit Tehran next week.”

By Mehr News Agency


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